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New product “Harmony Composter”

We are proud to launch our newest product – the Harmony composter! Harmony is a perfect partner in any garden – designed to recycle organic waste at the same time taking care of the environment, thus creating high-quality composted fertilizer for your plants. Modular construction, easy assembly without tools and simple maintenance. Keep harmony in...

A new design of URBAN 1100 lt

A new design of URBAN 1100 lt is distinguished by 2-piece flat lid, which enables better comfort during handling. This 4-wheel container with lid-in-lid option offers a considerable gain in terms of ergonomic comfort. Both parts are easy to open thanks to large front and side handles. We provide smart solutions for green environment!

Recycling set SELECTA

The latest product launched by Plastik Gogić will be in use soon in big shopping malls, public institutions and in facilities of other end users. The new recycling set Selecta is a system for waste disposal with four independent recycling apertures, which is not only functional but also looks attractive.

120 l Urban bin

After the introduction of 60 l and 80 l Urban waste bins, which arouse interest of customers around the world owing to their improved performance compared to previous models, we are now proud to present a new 120 l Urban bin.+


Plastik Gogić makes its contribution to preserve our environment and improve care for disabled people! Newest and most interesting solutions are plastic markers for visual marking of waste sorting bins. In this way, the color of marker is used to suggest to end-users which type of waste is to be disposed of in a certain...

New models of Plastik Gogić waste bins

Waste bins Urban amd Urban Pro At the beginning of the year, company Plastik Gogić completed the program of waste bins with two wheels made according to the EN 840-1 standard. There are 3 new models of the Urban series with a volume of 60l and 80l with wheels, and 60l Urban Pro without wheels....

URBAN LID and additional options

The complete range of waste bins produced by the company Plastik Gogić is equipped with the so-called LIP-HANDLE opening handle, which protects the point of contact from water retention and dirt. On the front of the Urban lid, which is adapted to most of the existing models from our range, there is a special place...