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Crane-lift containers for sorted collection

PlastikGogic can offer wide range of LDPE and Glassfibre collection banks which represent well-proven methodof selective collection of municipal waste (paper, plastic or glass).

All containers meet the highest standards for easy, comfortable and safewaste collection and comply to EN 13071. Only first grade materialsare used for manufacture of containers, with no recycled admixtures. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized. Quality is guaranteed bya five-year warranty.

They have incorporated a tried and tested concept of bottom emptying and typical appearance. Their top-view plan enables optimum use of the collection point.

Inovative solution for paper and plastic waste (bulky waste in general) enables an easy emptying. It is based on a thorough guidance of the emptying mechanism alongside inner walls (as compared with the mechanism guided through the container’s inner space centre).


  • manufactured from Glassfibre or LDPE (100% recycable) with high mechanical strenght,
  • all steel components are hot-dip galvanized,
  • weather and chemical resistance,
  • logos, inscriptions, numbers etc. laminated straight into containersurface,
  • available in any color,
  • intended for the collection of sorted solid municipal waste(paper, plastic or glass).


the container is lifted by a hydraulic crane and is emptied throughits bottom into a garbage collection truck

  • A-type – bottom hinges are positioned on the container perimeter,
  • B-type – bottom hinges are positioned on a joint central bracket,
  • drawbars inside the container for paper or plastic collection arepositioned along the inner walls for easy emptying

two-hooksor Kinshofer systems


from 1.5 up to 4.7m3

RAL colours at disposal.

Wide range of potential personalization is offered, such as embossed logo or motto, full-colour logo or motto in the container’s body mass (indelible marking and easy cleaning).