BlogCentral system

May 24, 2021

After a long time of preparation of new equipment, halls and operators training, the central feeding system for raw material internal distribution was put into operation.
We currently have 10 silos in which 210 tons of material is stored at any given time.

Stainless steel pipes with a length of 6000 m run from the silos to all machines, and six components at each machine are precisely dosed with gravimetric dispensers. This reduces the percentage of error to a minimum, control is much easier, material consumption is monitored and product quality is significantly improved.


There is also more space in the halls because the material is no longer placed next to machines and every worker is released from the additional duty to measure the material. The silos are filled by an automated cutter that cuts the bags and fills the silos with material.
We strive to improve our business by investing in quality solutions in order to facilitate the work of company’s employees.