BlogDeliveries continue

October 25, 2020

Deliveries continue to municipalities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia

According to the obtained European project, “Environmental Protection Fund – Containers for separate collection of municipal waste” at the beginning of the year, we started with the delivery of 1100l containers and 770l containers in 222 municipalities in the Republic of Croatia.

Every day, several trucks came out of our production and immediately delivered the goods to the required locations. Which is our plan to continue deliveries.
After a short break caused by the introduction of the state of emergency, we continue with the delivery. Out of the total number of containers, more precisely 35,059 pieces, we have 15,000 containers left for the City of Zagreb, which we plan to deliver by the end of the first week of July.

The aim of this project is to start the separation of waste at the place of origin in order to reduce the amount of mixed, biodegradable waste in the mixed and thus to increase the amount of waste for recycling.
The colors of the containers, as well as the inscriptions on them, are divided according to the type of waste for which they are intended. It will be very easy for users to sort the waste into appropriate containers.

We are very satisfied with the results we have achieved both in production and when it comes to delivery dynamics.
We continue where we left off with new deliveries and installation so that the containers would be on the streets as soon as possible so that the promenades and streets would be nicer, cleaner and tidier.