BlogFolding stadium chairs in the new sports hall in Inđija

July 6, 2016

New sports hall in Inđija equipped with folding sports chairs

We are pleased to inform you that our stadium chairs, type Folding, will be found in another sports facility. This is a new sports hall in Indjija, which is a sports facility of great importance for the Municipality of Indjija.

The installation of Folding stadium chairs on the stands of the hall, which was built in accordance with the highest world standards, is in progress.

The FOLDING stadium chair is a self-folding chair made of a supporting steel structure and a plastic seat with a back.

The dimensions of the girders are adjusted to the dimensions and constructive solution of the tribune. The protection of metal parts is provided by electrolytic galvanizing. The seat part and the back of the chair are made by injection molding into appropriate molds.