660 L

1370x778x1228 mm

38 kg (+/- 3%)
Max payload (load capacity)::

*max loading weight  264 kg
*max total weight 310 kg

HDPE (High- density polyethylene)
Temperature resistant:

from -30 C to +80 C–-760l-ravan-poklopac.png?fit=600%2C640&ssl=1

660 L

38 kg (+/- 3%)

HDPE (High- density polyethylene)

1370x778x1228 mm
Maximum payload (load capacity):

*max loading weight 264 kg
*max total weight 310 kg
Temperature resistant:

from -30 C to +80 C–-760l-ravan-poklopac-separacija.jpg?fit=640%2C242&ssl=1
Recycling inserts for waste separation–-760l-ravan-poklopac-pedala.jpg?fit=640%2C242&ssl=1
Foot pedal

Handles lid opening–-770l-ravan-poklopac-kljuc-1.jpg?fit=640%2C242&ssl=1
Locking system

– manual lock
– gravity lock
* Other options on request–-760l-ravan-poklopac-bocna-rucka.jpg?fit=640%2C242&ssl=1
Additional side handle

For easier handling, complies with the requirements of EN 840 -2–-760l-ravan-poklopac-obelezavanje.jpg?fit=640%2C242&ssl=1

– labels
– thermo- transfer
– hot- stamping
– tool embosing

Advantages of HDPE material:

Environment friendly
Long life expectancy
Can be recycled
Chemical resistant
High UV light resistance


* all metal parts are galvanized and protected against corrosion

Reinforced comb receiver–-660l-ravan-poklopac-ojacani-rubovi-kante-1.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

Honey comb structureand additional refurced comb for increased resistance and durability during discharge

Additional reinforcement–-660l-ravan-poklopac-ojacanje.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

Additional reinforcements in the form of folds along the entire length of all body walls of the container. Reinforced handles are an integral part of the body of the container – there is no additional mounting.

Lip - Handle cover–-660l-ravan-poklopac-lip-lid.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

Lip-handle cover with a handle that allows opening the entire front and parts of the sides.

Smooth inner surface–-660l-ravan-poklopac-glatka-unutrasnjost.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

Smooth inner surface for easy emptying and maintenance

Plug at the bottom–-660l-ravan-poklopac-cep-na-dnu.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

The plug on the lower part facilitates rinsing and cleaning.

Made in accordance with the requirements of standards EN840-2 and EN 1501-1.

Side receivers–-660l-ravan-poklopac-nosac.jpg?fit=686%2C686&ssl=1

Reinforced with a metal insert, adapted to vehicles compliant with EN 1501-1, they are installed as standard.


RAL 1018 RAL 1018

RAL 6011 RAL 6011

plava-5015.png RAL 5015

RAL 3020 RAL 3020

RAL 7021 RAL 7021

RAL 8011 RAL 8011

Other colors at customer’s request

Technical specification
Standards / recognitions