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Container for bio waste

Volume: 660lt, 770lt, 1100lt  – Material: HDPE


Container for bio waste

Volume: 660lt, 770lt, 1100lt  – Material: HDPE

Organic bio waste originates from plant or animal sources and is predominatly stored in bio waste containers. During the process of transformation into compost the exsisting juices evaporate, which lead to lower weight and volume of the organic waste.

Bin for bio waste

Volume: 120lt, 140lt, 240lt  – Material: HDPE

Enable air circulation for easier drying and reduction of unpleasant odours.


Lateral holes allow:

* Optimal air circulation from the bottom to the top of the bin
* Maintain an adequate oxygen level
* Reduce gases, and thus the bad odours
* Creates a favourable environment for the composting process
* Options: lid distance rubber cushion for additional aeration


Foldable grid for bin

Made of plastic, without metal parts, attached to the body with 2 plastic hinge.

It separates the bio waste in 2 sections- the fluids drop down, while the dry content is kept above.

THE GRID IS HINGED ON AN AXLE IN ITS REAR PART, SO THAT IT CAN BE LIFTED INTO A VERTICAL POSITION THUS: Facilitating the collection process Allowing washing of the bin bottom.

Waste bins and containers are made in brown color (RAL 8011)