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February 6, 2021

The complete range of waste bins produced by the company Plastik Gogić is equipped with the so-called LIP-HANDLE opening handle, which protects the point of contact from water retention and dirt. On the front of the Urban lid, which is adapted to most of the existing models from our range, there is a special place for the installation of a gravity or mechanical lock.

Model Urban Pro 60l has a built-in system for opening with a pedal and can optionally be ordered for an 80l waste bin. This increases the user’s protection against dirt. The pedal is integrated into the geometry of the waste bins so that it does not interfere with their movement and manipulation, and it is made of injection-molded plastic – there is no danger of corrosion and the impact of time.

A unique feature of these waste bins is the option of a lid with side clamps to ensure a closed position. In this way, users are enabled to “lock” the lid by simply pressing the side clamps and thus prevent the contents from spilling when overturned, as well as unwanted opening under the effect of wind gusts or other factors. The clamps are also made of plastic, they can be easily dismantled and, if necessary, reassembled on the lid. The design of the lid with side clamps is registered in the international organization for the protection of industrial design WIPO Hague.

It is also possible to install a rubber seal on the edge of the lid, which in combination with the side clamps guara