BlogWINTEC plastic machines: t-win 650t and t-win 1800t have been put into operation in the company MNG Plastik Gogić

February 8, 2022

Thanks to the quick technical intervention of the Neofyton service team as well as the professional cooperation with employees in the Plastik Gogić industry, the two new WINTEC plastic injection machines have been successfully assembled and installed in a very short time.

WINTEC is an ENGEL company that has been producing two-plate plastic injection molding machines, based on Engel’s technology and expertise, in the Chinese city of Changzhou since 2012. The T-win machines for the plastics industry are earmarked for standard production processes and for production with a closing force ranging from 450t to 2400t.

WINTEC t-win 1800t in the production of plastic bins with a capacity of 120 liters
Injection of waste bins on a WINTEC machine in the Plastik Gogić company

The company Plastik Gogić, based in indjija, is engaged in the production of plastic items and the recycling process.  It opted for a larger (t-win 18000-15000) and smaller (t-win 6500-7000) machine, which will produce many products from the body of waste bins with a volume of 80 and 120 l, oval containers, panels, stadium seats to bins of smaller dimensions, lids and other assortment. ENGEL Viper 40 and Viper 60 robots with product storage units are installed next to the machines, thus automating and optimizing the entire production process.

Installation of WINTEC t-win 650t machine in the Plastik Gogić company
WINTEC machine with ENGEL Viper 40 robot and finished product storage unit


  • 63% lower energy consumption – servo win concept (2 servo pumps) with optimized friction-free movement;
  • 23% higher productivity – linear movement of plates synchronized with closing, higher volume of production is achieved through a shorter cycle time (average cycle time is 56s, and with t-win machines 50s);
  • Ergonomic shape – design provides easy access to the mold zone – operator safety, safe operations, easy and fast maintenance;
  • 22% less space is occupied by the machine – thanks to the compact size of the machine and design;
  • Reduction of downtime and rejects – reduced losses in the production process through savings in downtime and the amount of rejects
  • Long service life – 15 to 20 years or more with low maintenance costs and spare parts
  • Control unit C3 – large touch-screen control display for easier operation and adjustment of the machine
Test WINTEC t-win 1800t machine in the company Plastik Gogić


We remind you that the company Plastik Gogić has developed from a family business from the seventies of the last century into a serious company that generates 85% of export revenues and employs over 170 workers today. The basic principles of the company have not changed: perseverance, professional approach and social responsibility. The most important products of the company Plastik Gogić are plastic bins and waste containers, which are delivered to numerous partners around the world. The company is also present in the area of sports, where they have specialized in the production of multifunctional surfaces and seats for stadiums. Plastik Gogić’s offer includes round vats of various sizes (110-1,000 liters), as well as products for home, professional and industrial use.

Another confirmation of the good work of Plastik Gogić is the award for business leader in 2021 given by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to the company’s director, Slobodan Gogić, for outstanding results in terms of management, which contributed to business success in the previous year.

Neofyton is the general and exclusive agent for ENGEL and WINTEC plastic injection molding machines in Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, N. Macedonia, Montenegro) and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon).

Neofyton provides complete services from design, sales and import, to delivery, monitoring and maintenance of all machines and related equipment from the sales range that includes brands:

  • ENGEL (Austria) plastic sinjection molding machines and production robots
  • WINTEC (China) – plastics injection molding machines
  • SIPA (Italy) machines and equipment for the production of PET packaging
  • PIOVAN (Italy) accessories: mills, dryers, masterbatches dispensers, vacuum cleaners, conveyor belts, etc.
  • EUROCHILLEER (Italy) industrial chillers and cooling systems
  • TRIA (Italy) – systems and machines for plastic recycling
  • MB CONVEYORS (Italy) – industrial conveyors and systems

In addition to the above equipment, we can offer our associates a TIG platform for digitalization of production, which provides monitoring and management of the entire product process and complete equipment in one place. You can see more about the TIG platform here: TIG.PDF


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